Grill Felix




GPS 44° 57' N , 14° 41' E
Phone +385 97 712 34 74
Address Stara Baška 241
Place Stara Baška, Krk
Opening hours 15.4. - 15.10.
Opening hours 10.00 - 22.00
Opening hours 10.00 - 22.00


Enjoy an evening eating homemade British cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere. We welcome you with open arms and tasty dishes at our restaurant Grill Felix, where you can enjoy great food and an authentic atmosphere. You can also dig in to Italian, Croatian and Mediterranean cuisine at our restaurant. Our private outdoor seating is perfect for when the weather is great. You can also escape the heat and stay cool while you eat in our air-conditioned spaces.

A restaurant in a great location with brunch

We offer a delicious culinary experience with British specialties. You can expect only the best pasta bars, outstanding gourmet food, special local cuisines and various regional dishes at our restaurant. Try flavourful cocktails, a hot tea, a refreshing beer, a fresh pressed juice, a coffee, an aromatic wine, healthy smoothies, alcoholic beverages and cold beverages to complement our well-seasoned pasta dishes, fish, barbecue, pizzas, seafood dishes or cheese. Whenever you're looking for a great dessert or tasty snack our tasty pancakes and our ice cream are just what you need. We're always happy to serve you a delicious breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner in a relaxing atmosphere. You'll have no problems staying connected with our free WiFi. You can relax knowing your little ones will have fun and keep busy in our kids corner. Our comfortable smoking area offers you a retreat for when you want to relax and have a smoke.

We also host private events

For families with baby strollers or customers using wheelchairs, our restaurant is barrier-free to suit your needs. At our location, your beloved pets are also always welcome. We'd be happy to take a reservation if you want to ensure that your table is booked for the time of your choosing. We have a special online reservation service to make things as convenient as possible for you. Or you can also contact us directly via telephone by calling +385977123474. We accept VISA, MasterCard, contactless payments and debit card, although if you don't have your card with you, we also accept cash payments. All our dishes can also be ordered to go. We also host private events. For further information on bookings please contact us. You can stop by for a meal every day from 10:00 to 22:00

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  • 6,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,6
    Stara Baška Port 0.09 nmi
  • 6,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,6
    Petehova Anchorage 0.34 nmi
  • 6,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,12,1,6
    Zala Draga Anchorage 0.51 nmi

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