GPS 42° 45' N , 16° 55' E
Opening hours 1.1. - 31.12.
Opening hours 17.00 - 02.00
Phone +385 98 920 4821
e-mail hello@podanje.com
web https://podanje.com/hr/
Address Podanje bb, 20290 Lastovo


Welcome to Podanje - the first family farm on the island of Lastovo. They started the farm in 2007. You will findthem in the Prgovo field, in a stone house just between an olive garden and a hundred-year-old oak tree, which creates a pleasant shade in the summer heat.

Farm has plenty of tables for either big or small groups of people, some of which outdoors and some indoors. They are registered as a resort, and we can serve groups of 50 to 80 people. After a pleasant stroll through the footpaths Lastovo, they will invite you to relax and drink a glass of homemade brandy in our household. Your dining experience is filled with aromas and scents of dishes prepared in front of you with local food from Lastovo's fields. It is the scent of simple but rich taste of local food

If you have a wish to come and dine with them, but no means of transport, feel free to call them in advance, they will happily give you a lift (the price of which is included in your meal).

Farm is based on thier own organic production of olives, fruit and vegetables, which is why they are used to changing the menu according to the seasonal crop. This is the reason why each meal is fresh and of the best quality. The offer, amongst other meals, counts: baked meat (goat, lamb, veal), baked octopus (with the epithet "the best in the Adriatic Sea"), grilled meat, cooked and roasted vegetables (chard, beans, peas, zucchini, peppers, eggplant), broad beans with cuttlefish, octopus stew and dry hake with potatoes. Everything is organically grown on our farm and prepared in a traditional way according to the recipes of our ancestors.

About the family

Nikola Simić is the founder of the family farm Podanje. He has four children with his wife Stefi, the youngest of whom is their 7-year-old daughter Nikol. Their son Kristijan (22) is an educated plant technician and helps his parents as much as he can. Their daughter Lucija is 19 years old and is studying economics in Split. The eldest son Antun, works for the Croatian army, but (as his father hopes), will one day continue running the family business. The whole family works on the farm and cultivates olives and vegetables, and breeds cattle, and was the first family on Lastovo to start a family farm.



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