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NAVTIČNI PRIROČNIK je praktični vodnik domačega avtorja, ki v besedi in sliki razumljivo pojasni osnovne pojme iz oceanografije, meteorologije, navigacije, pomorskih veščin ter varnosti na morju.

Podrobne razlage spremljajo čudovite barvne fotografije, skice, tabele in drugo slikovno gradivo. Knjiga zaobjema temeljna in poglobljena znanja, ki naj bi jih imel vsak izkušen pomorščak in vsakdo, ki se ljubiteljsko podaja na morje.


OCEANOGRAFIJA  - valovi, plimovanje, morski tokovi

METEOROLOGIJA - osnovni meteorološki pojmi, oblaki, lokalni veter, svetlobni pojav v atmosferi

NAVIGACIJA - pomorska karta, sistem pomorskih oznak, magnetni kompas, kurz in hitrost, terestična navigacija, navigacija ponoči, pravila o izogibanju trčenju na morju

POMORSKE VEŠČINE - vozli, pristajanje, sidranje, vleka na morju

VARNOST NA MORJU - podhladitev, rešilni jopič in pripenjanje, reševanje človeka v morju, pnevmatski rešilni splav, klic v sili

DODATEK - kartografski ključ, pomorske luči, luči plovil in znamenja, zvočni signali, oddajanje klica v sili s pomočjo VHF GMDSS - radijske postaje, zastave mednarodnega kodeksa in fonetična abeceda, Beaufortova lestvica

O avtorju

Igor Orlov je prve nevihte in zarje doživel že v otroštvu, na plovbah z dedkom z otoka Zlarina. Jadral je na jadrnicah vseh tipov in velikosti, tudi v zelo zahtevnih zimskih razmerah v Biskajskem zalivu, Rokavskem prelivu in Baltiku. Med drugim se je kot taktik in drugi skiper leta 2001 udeležil regate Fastnet ter prejadral več tisoč milj kot skiper 26-metrske jadrnice La poste. Diplomiral je iz meteorologije na Fakulteti za fiziko v Beogradu. Naziv Yachtmaster je pridobil v Veliki Britaniji, kjer je na Jadralski akademiji z odliko zaključil znameniti študij Professional Crew and Skipper Training. Je avtor številnih strokovnih člankov, testira jadrnice ter motorna plovila za slovensko navtično revijo. Leta 2009 je ustanovil jadralno šolo North Adriatic Sailing Academy.

Iz predgovora

V knjig so združena zelo različna znanja in veščine, ki jih mora obvladati sleherni pomorščak. V njej boste našli dragocene razlage in odgovore na številna pomembna vprašanja o morju, vremenu, navigaciji, plovbi in varnosti. Nazorne fotografije in risbe vam bodo popestrile branje in olajšale razumevanje tega preglednega priročnika, zato boste tudi med plovbo hitro našli ustrezno informacijo ali navodilo.  Prepričan sem, da bo bogata in poučna vsebina te knjige številnim navtikom odstrla nova obzorja ter jim omogočila varnejše doživetje morja in plovbe.

Dušan Puh

O knjigi: 

  • avtor: Igor Orlov
  • dimenzija: 270 x 200 mm,
  • obseg: 192 strani
  • vezava: integralna vezava
Igor Orlov - Navtični priročnik

Last video

At 13:15 (French time) the Transat Jacques Vabre Normandie Le Havre starting horn was sounded and the 118 skippers in their 59 multi-coloured boats weaved across the start line in front of Cape de la Hève, beating into 12-14 knots of north-easterly wind.

The bi-annual double-handed 4,350-mile race, the longest and toughest transat in the sailing calendar, will take them to Salvador de Bahia in Brazil.

Both IMOCA and Class40 fleets were tightly bunched, but line honours appeared to go to Bureau Vallée II(IMOCA) and Aïna Enfance and Avenir, the Class40 favourite. 

The Route de Café is a marathon not a sprint, but the start along the coast is never simple, especially when the blood is up and adrenaline flowing in front the crowds lining the pontoons, channel, beaches and coast. Not to mention the live TV audience. And, of course, the a choppy shallow sea with plenty of current against them as they race the 16 miles of coast to round the Region Normandie buoy off Étretat. The fastest among them should take a little under three hours before they turn to head west towards Cotentin under spinnaker.

There should be an intense downwind race in the Channel overnight when the wind will continue to strengthen. Through that time and the morning, as they all exit the Channel, it will be decision time as to whether to go east, west or further west. That could provide an early test of the different trajectories the latest generation foiling IMOCA may take, although Alex Thomson on Hugo Boss has said his priority is finishing not winning, especially after being helicoptered to safety when his boat capsized four years ago. Britain’s Samantha Davies, in an older boat but with hugely upgraded foils on Initiatives-Cœur, is keeping an open mind.

“Once we’re west of Ushant then we’ve got to make a decision,” she said. “I don’t want to make a decision yet because it’s not clear enough and sometimes if you decide in your head you influence yourself when you’re making further decisions. 

“We’re pretty open at the moment, (laughs) we’re going to have all the sails out on the deck to work out which one we’re going to use. We are at one with Initiatives-Cœurand super happy to be finally at sea and heading for Brazil.”

The small Class40 have the same dilemma. 

“Do we go west fully, for me there is still an option, but it’s a bit of a tricky one,” Luke Berry (Lamotte – Module Creation) said. “We’re still waiting for the info from our weather routers - you’re allowed a weather router before you start - so, we’ll make our decision sometime tonight. It’s not a (Class40) group decision, there are some that are going to go their own way and we’re not here to follow the others, but we’re not going to do lone cowboy either. It’s going to be more of downwind race out of the Channel, but it’s do we go up into the Celtic sea or not?

Britain’s Sam Goodchild, one of Berry’s main rivals, on Leyton, says that the risks and rewards are not clear.

“We don’t think we have to make our decision until tomorrow morning,” he said. “We’ve got all the ideas in our head, we don’t know what the risks and the gains are yet, it’s not as straightforward as if you go west, you break or you win, and if you go south you’re safe.”

There were emotional scenes on the pontoon before departure as the said goodbye to their friends, family and partners, except perhaps for Miranda Merron and Halvard Mabire, who are partners on both land and sea.

Jean-Baptiste Gastinne, Mayor of Le Havre, president of the urban community of Le Havre Seine Métropole

“There were a lot of emotions this morning seeing these boats go, and watching families kissing the skippers goodbye. The Bassin Paul Vatine is empty now after these ten days of festivities. The salt and spice of the Route du Café is that it is a race, an adventure, a sporting challenge and a mix of technologies. This year we can see the rapid change in sailing with these new boats with exceptional foils. The Transat Jacques Vabre Normandy Le Havre is a great event with this mix of man and machine that skippers that the skippers share in pairs.”

Juan Amat, President of JDE France

“I saw a start full of emotions. There are a mixture of feelings seeing the skippers say goodbye to their families from excitement to sadness at leaving loved ones. With all these new boats, it feels like watching a Formula 1 of the seas. All this week, the public were able to be close to the race, see the boats in their every detail and meet the skippers, which is very rare in high-level sport. I will be following the race closely, there is Virtual Regatta and we’re also having a competition internally, and I’ve also made my own little forecast, but I’m keeping that a secret.”

Sunday 27 Oct 2019


Marina Punat won the Golden Anchor award for the second time, a prestigious grant prize for the best marina in 2019 according to boaters.

The competition for the best nautical marina in the Adriatic is organised for the third year in a row by the leading daily newspaper, Jutarnji list, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and sponsored by the Croatian National Tourist Board. A nautical patrol consisting of 6 journalists and 2 interviewers visited as many as 34 marines, from Umag to Dubrovnik, recorded and evaluated the nautical offer and conducted more than 1000 surveys among the present boaters.

Marina Punat is especially proud to have won this award for the second time, which confirms that it is the leading marina in terms of quality of offer and service as well as customer satisfaction.

We are also proud of the fact that our quality has been recognized by professional associations year after year.  


Although daytime temperatures are still very high for this time of the year, the warmth of the sauna and wellness will suit many in the evenings. At the Hotel Kanajt, you can relax and enjoy one of four available saunas. In addition to the classic Finnish, aromatic or infrared sauna, there is a Turkish bath, and you can spend time with a good book on comfortable beds or enjoy a hot tub in the relax zone.

Punat is well connected to nearby towns by cycling paths, and during the day you can take one of the many hiking trails… The nearby Veli vrh offers a beautiful view of the entire bay.  

Refreshments are available at our pizzeria 9 bofora, which is open every day from 7:30 am to 10 pm this winter. In addition to a large selection of great pizzas, we also have a special winter offer of warm dishes. In addition to the traditional stew with šurlice, homemade pasta with prawns, prosciutto, mushrooms, we also have cod truffles, seafood prosciutto (smoked tuna – wasabi), and for those of you who want small sweet bites, we recommend homemade chestnut cake or chocolate pearls.  


We are delighted that many guests see our marina as their second home. We often receive letters and packages intended for you or various merchandise for your boat. In order to divert the post and packages to the right place as fast as possible, please make sure that the sender always states your name, boat name and a contact number, preferably your cell phone number. This will greatly facilitate our identification of shipments.

Unfortunately, we have no place to store large shipments for boats, so please notify us in advance if you are planning on having a larger package delivered. In case you are not at the marina at the pickup time, you can inform our customer service and the marina staff will store this large package on your boat. This service is charged extra.  


The marina market will be closed for the winter from this day, but there is still a shop available – the discount store near the dry marina as well as shops in Punat and the surrounding area.


The 14th Alpe Adria Sailing Week 2020 regatta will be held in Punat next year from 24th to 28th May.

Under the motto “Stronger together”, sailing teams from across Austria will come together once again.  

As before, there are four sailing categories:

  • Alpe Adria Cup with spinnaker (ORC)
  • Austria Cup in one design class with spinnaker (sailboats First 35)
  • Kärntner Cruising Trophy with spinnaker (ORC)
  • Alpe Adria Cruising Cup without spinnaker (ORC)

You can read more at the organizer’s website, and the host – Marina Punat will make sure of having a good time with numerous local specialties.

Registration and instructions are available for download here.

Friday 25 Oct 2019

A day charged with emotion and pride has been witnessed in Punta del Este today as the crew of non-professional sailors set off for the second leg of the Clipper 2019-20 Race. The fleet slipped lines at 15:00 UTC in front of a huge crowd lining the marina, departing from the place it has called home for the past week.

Before the Slipping Lines Ceremony Qingdao AQP, Rhiannon Massey said: “I’m feeling very excited to get going again. I always have those little nerves, but I can’t wait to get back on the water and get racing.”

She continued “It’s amazing there’s so many people here already. When we turned up this morning, we had loads of locals and supporters welcoming us. And we now have the Navy band playing, and there are so many people.”

Skipper of Imagine your Korea, Mike Surridge, spoke about the hospitality they have received here: “Punta del Este has been fantastic. The food and drink has been really good, and the hospitality has been outstanding, not just at the Yacht Club Punta del Este but also the broader population.

After the teams had left the vicinity of the port, cheering, singing and dancing to their dedicated team songs, the crowd relocated to watch the Parade of Sail. The spectacle didn’t disappoint; a vibrant show of colours ensued on a choppy sea, under a dazzling sun. The fleet were joined by navy vessels and multiple spectator boats.

The race officially began at 1800 UTC and Unicef was the first across the start line, followed closely by Race 2 winners, Qingdao and then Zhuhai. Qingdao resumed a leading position, crossing the first mark ahead of the pack. The team continued in the lead for all five marks until they were out of sight, whilst Visit Sanya, China and Unicef were the second and third teams to finish the course.

Race 3 of the Clipper 2019-20 Race, named the Spinlock South Atlantic Showdown, is now underway with Qingdao top of the leaderboard with 36 points followed by Punta del Este and Visit Sanya, China both with 23 points. The 3,555 nautical mile race is a fast, short race (approximately 17 days) and could see a very close finish as the fleet tackle trade winds, unpredictable weather and great swells before arriving into Cape Town with the incredible backdrop of Table Mountain.

The fleet is due to arrive in Cape Town between Thursday 7 and Monday 11 November.

Current positions 24.10.2019 at 10.00

Position Team DTF
1 HA LONG BAY, VIET NAM 3446.78 10,3 -
2 VISIT SANYA, CHINA 3448.09 9,7 -1.31
3 ZHUHAI 3448.96 10,1 -2.18
4 GOTOBERMUDA 3449.05 9,8 -2.27
5 SEATTLE 3451.49 9,9 -4.71
6 WTC LOGISTICS 3454.05 10,2 -7.27
7 UNICEF 3454.77 9,5 -7.99
8 IMAGINE YOUR KOREA 3455.15 10,3 -8.37
9 PUNTA DEL ESTE 3487.10 8,6 -40.32
10 QINGDAO 3487.43 6,0 -40.65
11 DARE TO LEAD 3489.74 10,4 -42.96


Thursday 24 Oct 2019

In month of October we will publish new videos of marinas, ports and anchorages in eastern Adriatic coast. Check the video below and se a part of premieres in October. Follow us.


Thursday 26 Sep 2019

It is a 2nd time that Marina Punat won the Golden Anchor, Croatian national award for the best marina of the year in 2019.  Renata B. Marević, the General Manager of Marina Punat, was happy to receive the award during the winner declaration ceremony at the Grand Hotel Park in Rovinj, on Monday, September 23. The election of best marina of Adriatic is organized by leading dail...

Tuesday 24 Sep 2019

Impression 45.1 nominated for European Yacht of the Year 2020

This catagory is all about typical cruising boats. They need to offer enough room and comfort for you to take your family, but they should be easily enough managed to sail double- or singlehanded as well. Beyond this versatility family cruisers need to be relatively affordable which is why many come from the big production builders. While in the past the segment was mainly derived from the 30 to 45 foot range the market has seen more and more larger models lately – which also tend to become more sophisticated every year. This trend is driven in part by the charter business. By their very nature and their attractive price tags typical family cruisers are often to be found in charter fleets. But there are quite different proposals from small yards as well.

​Revising existing models instead of developing completely new yachts has become somewhat of a trend among many builders. There are boats in the market which have been updated several times over the last ten or fifteen years. So did Elan: The Slowenian brand has just released the 4th iteration of her 45-footer. With a new deck and a completely revamped interior the boat has gained a lot of appeal for both owners and charter skippers with 3 to 4 cabins and 6 to 10 berths if the salon sofa and table are to be converted into a bed. Enough to beat the competition among which there is last year's category winner from Beneteau, the 46.1? 


  • Length: 13.00 m
  • Width: 4.18 m 
  • Draft: 1.90 m  (opt. 1.60 m)
  • Displacement: 10.5 t
  • Sail area: 99.3 sqm

The announcement of this year’s winners, will take place during the Flagship-Night on the first evening of the Boot Düsseldorf (18.01.2020).

Tuesday 03 Sep 2019

Clipper 2019-20 Round the World Yacht Race

Following the spectacle and ceremony of the fleet’s departure from St. Katharine Docks, London, the first stage of the Clipper 2019-20 Round the World Yacht Race officially started on Monday 2 September, at 1000 BST, in the Thames Estuary.

Dare To Lead was the first team to hoist its spinnaker and had it flying as they charged for the line in the closing minutes leading up to Race Start which took place very close to Southend Pier. A treat for the many spectators who had come out to watch on the pier.

Taking the honour of being the first to cross the start line of Race 1 was Qingdao, Skippered by Southend local Chris Brooks, who maximised home waters to his advantage. Dare To Lead crossed in second position, narrowly followed by Unicef in third.

The conditions were as expected, with 10 - 12 knots (Force 3-4), from the west-south-west, a flat sea and beautiful sunshine warming the day. The breeze was stable giving a great downwind start and increased very steadily as time went on. Lessening the effect of the beginnings of the spring flood tide against the fleet at the start this, however, would only strengthen as they headed out into the Thames Estuary towards the east horizon.

Clipper Race Director, Mark Light, who oversaw Race Start said: “All yachts got away well and made a magnificent sight as they stretched out to the east with their spinnakers flying silhouetted against the brilliant sunshine.”

Racing remained tight with the Qingdao team managing to maintain a slim lead of a couple of nautical miles between themselves and the chasing pack. Qingdao Skipper, Chris Brooks, reported: “The crew perfectly correlated to achieve the plan. The idea was to time race start perfectly to hoist the Spinnaker and pull into the lead.

“We led all the way to the South East where the wind died. It was painful to watch as five yachts came through inside us with pressure as we wallowed in self pity and lifeless air.”

The fleet compressed as it reached Margate, with positions changing frequently in the fickle winds. Guy Waites, Skipper of Dare To Lead noted: “We could have taken down each others sails let alone our own we were so close by!”

However, it wasn’t long though until the wind filled in, south southwest, for an upwind beat in shore along the English southeast coast. Zhuhai Skipper, Nick Leggatt, said: “We settled into our first night with a reefed Main, Staysail and Yankee 2, as we faced the prospect of a lot of tacking through the Straits of Dover and down towards Beachy Head.

“A tiring night, and some battered and bruised bodies at the end of it, but the day has just dawned with the Zhuhai still in second place as we round Beachy Head and continue down the English Channel.”

Clipper 2019-20 Round the World Yacht Race

Tuesday 03 Sep 2019

Join us on a traditional Viška regata between 17. and 20. October 2019!

If you loves sailing and you wish to obtain sailing and regatta experience, join us, we will have a great time! Prior sailing knowledge and experience is not necessary.

The regatta is sailed in two stages, the first one from Split to the island Vis and the second from Vis to Split. It brings together some 150 top of the line sailing boats and more than 1000 sailors from different countries.

The regatta includes also a day off on the magical island of Vis, which is in the time of regatta overtaken by thousands of sailors. The Vis Regatta is known as one of the 10 top Croatian regattas.

Cost: 350 € / person

Eary sailor price (until 10th of September): 330 €

The price includes:

- yacht rental
- transit log
- gennaker
- professional skipper,
- regatta fee,
- one dinner on Vis island
- Just Perfect T-Shirt

The price does not include:

food & drinks, fuel, transport, parking in marina, mooring, insurance, optional activities (scooter or SUP rental…)

More info:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., + 386 51 604 395

Sea U There!

Friday 30 Aug 2019

Elan Impression 40.1

New Elan Impression 40.1 is all new. It has new exterior and new interior.

Let's check what's new.

New exterior

The I40.1’s modernized deck is a sight to behold. The new vertical transom allows for more cockpit space, a modern look, and the option of a large or small bathing platform – the size of which also determines either an enclosed transom or a sportier open transom feel. The addition of two aft storage boxes can be upgraded with a grill, a fridge, or a sink. Still reigning above are the iconic Elan Impression transom seats, which are always taken first by an enthusiastic crew!

The steering pedestals allow for 9″ electronics, and the practical steering wheels are made of light composite. Walking past the large, fold-down table with drink holders is a breeze, as is moving around the cockpit and handling the winches. The table was designed to be accommodating when moored and practical when sailing, thanks to the integrated handrail and cupholders.

New interior

Not many can reach as high a standard as a company with more than seventy years of experience in woodworking and carpentry. Elan’s craftsmen had always been leaps and bounds ahead of the competition – and their work with the new Impression 40.1 pushes the limits even further. The interior furniture is made from iroko wood veneer enhanced by solid iroko wood finish. Iroko (or African teak) is beautiful and durable, and combined with smart design and placement it makes the interior truly stand out. The spacious and light saloon will delight all guests, and the galley with a 130 l front-opening fridge will make life easier when cruising. Available in four different cabin layout configurations, the I40.1 can be customized to suit any need.

 Elan Impression 40.1

Technical specification

 Length  11.99 m | 39’4’’ ft
 Hull length 11.48 m | 37’8’’ ft
 Length at waterline 10.00 m | 32’1’’ ft
 Beam 3.91 m   | 12’10’’ ft
 Draft 1.80 m    | 5’11’’ ft,  (opt1.  1.50m | 4’11’’ ft)
 Light displacement 8.368 kg | 18,4 lbs
 Ballast 2.545 kg | 5,6 lbs   or    2.479 kg | 5.5 lbs
 Water capacity (standard) 240 liters | 63 US gal
 Water capacity (option) 520 liters | 137 US gal
 Fuel capacity 146 liters | 38 US gal
 Engine Volvo (standard) 20 kW | 29 HP
 Engine Yanmar (standard) 20 kW / 29 HP
 Engine Volvo (option) 29 kW | 39 HP
 Air draft 17.60 m | 57’9’’ ft
 Mainsail 37.9 m2 | 407’9’’ sq ft
 Furling 31.59 m2 | 340’1’’ sq ft
 Genoa 38.1 m2 | 410’1’’ sq ft
 Gennaker 98.0 m2 | 1054’8’’ sq ft
 I 13.96 m | 45’10’’ ft
 J 3.90 m | 12’9’’ ft
 P 13.00 m | 42’8’’ ft
 E 4.86 m | 15’11’’ ft
Tuesday 27 Aug 2019

Marina Punat

Marinas face new business challenges every day, and one of the most destructive are fires. We've recently had two such events, leading us to believe that there is no such thing as sufficient preventive measures.

Marina Punat Group will continue to work on reducing risk of sinking and fire as much as possible, and we will keep regularly informing you of any measures undertaken to prevent fires.

In order to protect your and our valuable assets in the best possible way, we would like to provide you with a few important pointers.

We urge boat owners to keep vessels connected to the power grid according to professional standards. This means that, when you are staying in a marina, a single vessel can only be connected to a single power outlet on an electricity cabinet. For safety reasons and to be fair towards other users, please adhere to this rule.

Only use the power outlet while you are on the boat or on the pier near the boat. As part of our safety measures, we check and control boats in the sea and on land every day, as well as all buildings and open work areas in the marina. Vessels not properly connected to an electricity cabinet or vessels with no crew may be disconnected from our infrastructure without previous notification.

Battery maintenance and connection to the electrical cabinet can only be entrusted to the Service Providers of our Yacht Service or Punat Shipyard or to authorized Marina Punat Group partners who are registered for such activities.

When leaving the boat, don't forget to turn off the 220V electricity when no crew is present. Also, turn off the main switch and electronic ignition switches.

In order to provide additional protection for your property, take advantage of the new smoke, heat and water intrusion detection system using smart sensors – developed by our partner Marina Cloud, and become an active participant in preventing fire and sinking risk. Read more.

We count on your support and joint intent to protect the assets of great importance to us all.

Wednesday 10 Jul 2019